The Training Experts

German Shepherd in recall training

Private Consultation

Training with Care

A one on one session with Alex at Refine Your Canine can assist a variety of challenges from basic obedience, aggression and anxiety, behaviour modification, trick training, precision obedience, scent detection, snake aversion training, shadow programs and more.

group dog training classes

Group Training

Ready. Set. Train.

All clients are required to do at least one private session prior to joining group classes, this is to ensure dogs have the tools to succeed in the environment and practiced foundations.  Classes are in Wandong on Saturdays.

small puppy

Puppy Development

Start Off On The Right Paw

The aim for all puppies we train is to set them up for long term success and build their confidence. We offer both in home training sessions and sessions from our training facility in Wandong. We cover crate training, loose leash walking, toilet training, teething and reinforcements. For all puppy clients they are eligible to attend puppy small dog social classes on Saturdays in Wandong.

Big Dog Social Class

Social Classes

A Little Goes a Long Way

Our social classes are for clients to give their dogs a safe place for dogs to run and be dogs while avoiding the wild west of a dog park. All dogs in large dog social classes need to have done an assessment and two group obedience sessions in order to join. Puppy small dog socials are for all clients with puppies to join and small dog clients to give small dogs a safe place to learn correct social manners and a safe place for them to run and play.